About Stryn Summerski

On a regular day Stryn is beautiful – at the best it is magic!
If you are looking for a different and active summer vacation, Stryn Summer Ski is a definite first choice. Towering mountains and Nordic climate makes skiing possible during the lightest and warmest Scandinavian summer days. In the middle of the glacier landscape, Mother Nature has created a large amusement park – young or old, professional or amateur will find great fun here with their skis or snowboard. The lifts will bring you to about 1600m (5250ft), where you get the feeling of being on top of Norway. Surrounded by mountain peaks, the Scandinavia’s largest glacier and views down to the fjords makes a visit unforgettable.

Stryn has been a natural playground for summer snow activities since the 1930s. In 2010 the ski center was acquired by local and strong shareholders, among them Moods of Norway, the International clothing brand that combines a Norwegian Heritage with International trends. The brand still has its headquarter and showroom in the town of Stryn.

The season
The season at Stryn Summer Ski starts late May. Opening day for 2012 will be announced around new year. The ski center normally remains open until late July or mid August, depending on the snow and weather conditions. The ski lifts are opens every day during the season from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. Information about our ski passes and prices here.

Getting here
Stryn Summer Ski is located at Strynefjellet, along the 100-year-old national tourist route, Old Strynefjellsvegen (FV 258), 45 km East of Stryn city centre. From Oslo it’s about a 6,5 hours drive. There is daily bus expresses to and from Oslo. More info about getting here is available here.

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Lifts and slopes
From its base at 1080m a chairlift will take you up to 1300m, from there a T-bar will lift you to the top at 1600m.  There are some prepared slopes and an almost unlimited ground for off-piste lovers (keep safety rules in mind!). We are also planning to make park facilities available for your amusement. You can also enjoy cross-country tracks on the top of the glacier, maintained on a daily basis as long as the weather permits.
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Safety rules
Please respect all signs and warnings in the skiing area. It’s strictly forbidden to move or change any signs or markings. Any activity outside the ski area boundaries involves danger and is at your own risk.  Do not move beyond the ski area boundaries without local knowledge.

If you aim to ski off-piste or take a walk outside the ski area boundaries, please ask for advices in the ski shop or book a guide in advance. Be aware that weather and snow condition may change very quickly. Always bring sunscreen, sunglasses, warm and wind-proof clothing.

On-site services
Stryn Summer Ski provides free car parking, a café with hot and cold meals, ski- and snowboard rental and service, a shop with outdoor equipment and souvenirs’.

PRICES 2011 (in NOK)




> 3days
per day

Half day

Full package (skis or snow-
board + shoes + poles)
280,-  410,- 490,- 70,- 180,-
Skis or snowboard only 200,- 300,- 380,- 60,- 120,-
Shoes only 150,- 230,- 300,- 50,- 80,-
Poles only 50,- 90,- 135,- 30,- 30,-

Other activities
The district around Stryn, named Nordfjord, offers a huge variety of activities, events, accommodation and shopping you easily can with your trip to Stryn Summer Ski.  More information is available at nordfjord.no

The area offers a huge amount of accommodation options, from simple camping to exclusive SPA-hotels.

Contact data Distance Description
Folven Camping
Email: booking@folven.no
Tlf: +47 47 666 900
16 km The camping has cabins with various standards, stands for caravans, tents etc.   Folven is a legendary place for afterski with café, pub, music and great atmosphere all night long.
Nygård Kro & Camping
Email: idar_nygaard@hotmail.com
Tlf: +47 913 51 033
16 km The camping has cabins with shower/wc, stands for caravans, tents etc.
Hjelledalen Hyttesenter
Email: so-gjoer@online.no 
Tlf. + 47 5787 5234
16 km The Cabin Centre has 10 winterisolated and well equiped cabins .
Email: mail@grovatunet.no
Tlf +47 5787 5376 
16 km Grovatunet consists of 2 separate fully equipped apartments. The house contains altogether 16 beds. 
Grotli Hotell
Email: post@grotli.no  
Tlf: +47 6121 7474
19 km* Hotel in the mountain with 53 rooms w/shower and WC. 
Hjelle Hotell
Email: hotel@hjelle.com
Tlf: +47 5787 2750 
20 km Hjelle Hotel is a charming and romantic family hotell with 18 rooms. The hotel also has a motel with 12 rooms.
Holmevik Camping  
Email: Post@holmevik.no
Tlf +47 5787 7526
31 km The camping has 10 cabins and stands for caravans and tents.
Strynsvatn Camping
Tlf: +47 57 87 75 43
32 km The camping has 33 cabins, 3 apartments and more than 60 stands for motor homes.
Mindresunde Camping
Email: post@mindresunde.no
Tlf: +47 5787 7532
35 km The camping has cabins for hire and sites for campervans, caravans and tents.
Kleivenes Camping
Email: camping@kleivenes.no
Tlf: +47 5787 7513
37 km The camping has cabins and flats for hire and sites for campervans, caravans and tents.
Email: lysvoll@enivest.net
Tlf: +47 9178 6805
40 km The lodge has a total of 10 bedrooms, including 5 doubles and 2 singles in the main house and 3 double rooms in the annex.  
Stryn Camping
Email: post@stryn-camping.no
Tlf: +47 5787 1136 
45 km The camping has 24 cabins for hire, sites for campervans, caravans and tents. 
Stryn Hotell
Email: post@strynhotel.no
Tlf: +47 5787 0700
45 km The hotel has 69 rooms, restaurant and dance resturant .
Hotel Alexandra
Email: alex@alexandra.no
Tlf: +47 5787 5000
55 km A first class hotell in Loen with 190 rooms and an elegant Bath & Spa, exclusive restaurants and a modern nightclub. 
*Note that Route 258, the old Strynefjell road, normally opens mid June. Until then the travel distance to the summerski center is 35 km.

A complete list of available accomodation in the district with online booking here.

After ski
There is always a lively life in and around the summer ski centre. During weekends the lively life continues all night at Folven Camping, a 15 km drive down the valley.

Contact us
The easiest way to reach us is by e-mail: marked@strynsommerski.no

Our postal address is:

        Stryn Sommerski AS
        Tonningsgata 16
        6783 STRYN

If you represent a travel agency, company, club or group, please get in touch by e-mail to receive information about various package opportunities.

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